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Out of the Comfort Zone

Something bothers me about the incident that happened recently. The attack on myself and my friends which was homophobic based. And its got me thinking about my comfort zone and where I feel safe in who I am in this world.

I’ve never really let people denote who I am and where I should be. I’m pretty proud of the fact I have always done what I wanted to do, most of the time. I was just who I was and if people had a problem with it then…well….I guess it was their problem…

But thats speaking as a white male (mostly) who is perceived (by most) as straight.

The fact I was attacked for my sexual preferences the other day made me take a step outside of my comfort zone because I have never particularly felt victimised for anything. I have never felt like I am being victimised for being who I am, and cannot control being.

So that brings me to the thought of people of colour, and women, and trans, and gay’s the world over….being victimised for something they can’t control, something they just Are. To feel like you are being segregated into a particular group and judged on that fact alone is horrible.

I have got to the point where its easier for me not to put a label on who I am and what I identify as. There are so many subsets of  identification which makes up who I am, polyamorous, gender fluid, heteroflexible….these are just words at the end of the day….words to create further boxes to put yourself in and be segregated in for the displeasure of others.

I respect people, trans, women, gay, straight, white, black, asian, poly, kinky, vanilla…..humans….people…and if you don’t want to identify as a person thats cool with me too.

I may not be the most politically correct person of all time….I may not get it right all the time…and I know I have a horrible past with some of these things….

But I like to think I have stepped out of my comfort zone, even if not constantly…but enough to show me my errors……living as a woman for 3 months….socialising with the LGBT community….but all the time staying true to who I am…..

Thats the key….

The thing these people do…even if they get demoralised and segregated and victimised….they continue being who they are….because at the end of the day…..who else can they be?

This made me feel so warm and fuzzy

"Oh come on you are a wonderful person. I could talk to you all night long! You are so intresting and you make me want to open up and talk about all kinds of strange and funny things. So many people seem so disintrested in adventures, animals, culture and art. But you dont. I find that really special.”

You got to be crazy. Its too late to be sane. Coz you’re only given a little spark of madness, and if you lose that, you’re nothing. Don’t. From me to you. Don’t ever lose that, coz it keeps you alive
Williams, R., (1978)


Day 82 - Chillin with ma homies

There are these people that you meet in your lifetime. They stick with you. They become part of who you are, they become so ingrained in what makes you you that you can never shake them.

And that sounds like a beautiful and romanticised outlook, and it sounds like something you would want.

But what happens when the people you have taken into your soul become people you don’t want to be a part of? Or can’t be.

And the next thing you know its 1am and all you want to do is talk to that person but you know you can’t, because they’re not really in your life anymore.

Your excuses and get out of jail free cards have run out. They’ve had enough of you and thats all there is to it.

But they remain part of you, and always will.

And it will hurt. It does hurt.

But you’re probably used to that by now anyway.

I know I am.

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Day 81 - Peekaboo

Anon niceness plz? :3